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AUTOMB - CD - Esoterica
Genre: blackened death metal band from USA

American AUTOMB (ah-tomb) formed in 2018. Automb is female-fronted black metal band that blends death metal elements seamlessly with classic black metal and atmospheric tones. Debut album ‘Esoterica’ features Serge Streltsov from NECROPHAGIA, Scott Fuller from MORBID ANGEL and beautiful lady-vocalist Danielle Evans. It features bone-crushing blast beats, soul wrenching growls, punishing rhythms, and epic atmospheric leads. Dedicated to Frank «Killjoy» Pucci (R.I.P.) from Necrophagia. For fans of BEHEMOTH, WATAIN, EMPEROR, DRUDKH, VADER, MORBID ANGEL, MAYHEM. Artwork by Vojtech Doubek from Moonroot Art.


BLOOD - 12'' LP - Gas Flames Bones

Genre: Deathgrind
12" Vinyl
incl.  Download Code
incl. Bonus track: "Wizards Of Gore" from  "Wizards Of Gore - Tribute To Impetigo"
incl. lyric sheet

Vinyl Limitations:
- 100 Vinyl in Red (transparent)
- 100 Vinyl in blue / white splattered (transparent)
- 300 Vinyl in Black


NUCLEAR DEATH - Bride of Insect - T-Shirt


BLOOD - 12" LP - Depaved Goddess

Genre: Death Metal  / Deathgrind

incl.  Download Code
incl. Bonus tracks from split 7"EPs with Psycho and Mystic Circle
incl. lyric sheet

Vinyl Limitations:
- 100 Vinyl in Red (transparent)
- 100 Vinyl in Clear/black splattered (transparent)
- 300 Vinyl in Black

BLOOD, the cult oldschool Death-Grind act from Speyer/Germany is back.
Here is the first ever vinyl version of their 1996 Album "Depraved Goddess".
As bonus on this records, the tracks from
split 7'' EPs with PSYCHO and MYSTIC CIRCLE , which was released in 1997.


CAVUS - CD - The New Era

Genre: Black Metal
Cavus from Finland beholds 10 songs of no mercy, pity or regret to it's life itself and death. The power of hatred which has built in these years of depression and anxiety is here.
Taste the blood, feel the blood, there will be blood. The new era!
For fans of
Impaled Nazarene, Dark Funeral, Keep of Kalessin, Gorgoroth.



BLOOD "Mental Conflicts" LP

Genre: Death Metal  / Deathgrind

12" Vinyl
incl. Download Code
incl. Bonus: "Spittle Red of Blood" EP
incl. lyric sheet

Vinyl Limitation:
- 100 Vinyl in Red (transparent)
- 100 Vinyl in Green (transparent)
- 300 Vinyl in Black

BLOOD, the cult oldschool Death-Grind act from Speyer/Germany is back.
Here is the first ever vinyl version of their 1994 Album "Mental Conflicts".
It was the debut of Clausi on vocals, he stays in BLOOD for 20 years (now in MORONIC, ABNORM).
As bonus on this records, the tracks from "Spittle Red of Blood" 7'' EP, which was released in 1995.


TAIGA - CD - Cosmos
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
The body is just a vessel, a refuge for the inner cosmos. Anger, love, hate, good are all individually for each person, that is our space, and when space overflows the body and starts to break out, the person either comes to self-destruction, or reaches new heights. This is the story of the fourth full-length album "Cosmos" of the Russian atmospheric black metal project Taiga. The album is reduced in a slightly new sound, keys are added, and the vocals are close to the first albums. Therefore, all fans of atmospheric music strictly to listening. For fans of: Woods of Desolation - Official, Midnight Odyssey, Lustre, ColdWorld (Official), Austere, Aeon Winds, Thy Light, Kalmankantaja, My Useless Life, Elderwind. Artwork by Paint-It-Black Design.



ENOID - CD - Livssyklus & Dodssyklus
Genre: Black Metal
An entity of pure, festering black metal rage, ENOID, Swiss black metal band's music cripples all but the strongest of listeners with its inexorable brutality. There's no melody or neutrality to be found here, only a ferocious assault upon the human race. The one-man army of Bornyhake will be victimizing all who dare hear 'Livssyklus & Dodssyklus' with his onslaught of crushing hyperspeed black metal chaos. This compilation of the 2 first Enoid albums terrorizing fury will sweep across the world like the black plague, devastating all who attempt to oppose it. Remastered in 2017 at Chaos Studio (Switzerland) by Bornyhake. Tracks 01-07 are from "Livssyklus", recorded and mixed in 2005. Tracks 08-13 are from "Dodssyklus", recorded and mixed in 2006. Front cover by Bornyhake. For fans of: The True Mayhem, Darkthrone, Tsjuder, WATAIN, Dark Funeral, Endstille, 1349, Setherial.


VERTHEBRAL - CD - Regeneration
Genre: oldschool Death Metal
Paraguayan Death Metal band VERTHEBRAL present their first album "Regeneration". Ten neckbreaking powerful tracks in the old death metal veins, a collection of tremendously heavy riffs, solos that articulate tremolo-picked parts with harmonized licks, insane drums with massive blast beats and precise double bass, strong grunted vocals and killer bass sound. Songs that spreads dark and intense lyrics. All this make from "Regeneration" an insanely brutal album. Highly recommended for fans of MORBID ANGEL, GRAVE, SINISTER, SARCOFAGO, UNLEASHED and BOLT THROWER.


GRAVEYARD GHOUL - CD - Slaughtered - Defiled - Dismembered

GRAVEYARD GHOUL‘s 3rd album is a morbid fuckin‘ bastard with unpolished sound and growls that sound like coming straight from a late 80‘s/early 90‘s rotten grave!
For all veterans of Autopsy, (early) Death, Slaughter Lord, Merciless, (early) Pestilence, Necrophagia, Morbid Saint, Abscess, Repulsion & Cancer!
"BEWARE this fuckin hell of horror...only death is real!“


SCALPTURE - CD - Panzerdoktrin

Scalpture from Bielefeld, Germany was founded in 2009 with the intention to play nothing less than Death Metal. According to Bolt Thrower or Hail of Bullets the most fitting theme for Death Metal is war. And war is what is preached! Not a band with its own imagination of a whole new genre. Scalpture is  marching onwards on the familiar road being backed by older and newer bands like Asphyx, Dismember, Entrails, Weak Aside...


HARM -CD- The Evil

The long awaited new HARM album is finaly out now,
ultra heavy mid-thempo Death Metal anywhere between Celtic Frost,
Master and a few old swedish ones. Straight oldschool like expected


UNGOD -CD- Bewitched by Sins and Lust
Ungod is active since 1991, in 2016 the'll play their first
live shows, the 3rd full length album with nine tracks of fast, raw Black Metal is finally released now.


MONOLITH CD "Mountain"
Release Date: 18.03.2016
Mixed and mastered by Enno Legien
Artwork by Rocket & Wink


BLOOD - "Christbait" 12" Vinyl
+ Info/Lyric Sheet
+ Download Code

- 100 Vinyl in Red (black marbled)
- 100 Vinyl in Red (transparent)
- 100 Vinyl in Blue (transparent, white marbled)
- 200 Vinyl in Black


ISLAY - CD / LP - The Angels' Share
available now on CD / Vinyl, a new german Death Metal Machine


(Red Vinyl limited to 100 + 400 on black)

2x oldschool Death Metal from Holland and Germany, brandnew, unreleased tracks from both bands!


CARNATION -MCD- Cemetery of the Insane

Genre: Death Metal

Carnation equals blistering death metal madness from Belgium. This foul quintet, consisting of several veterans
from the Belgian scene, spawned their creation in May 2013. Incorporating influences from both the old Swedish
and American bands, Carnation is a true testament to everything embodying the pure death metal spirit.

1. Explosive Cadavers 03:36
2. Cemetery of the Insane 04:12
3. The Rituals of Flesh 04:40
4. Delusions of Power 03:29
5. The Great Deceiver 03:42


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