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NAPALM DEATH - 12'' LP - Live In London, 12.20.1987

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Genre: Grindcore

"Live at the Clarendon Hotel Ballroom - London, England. Sunday 20th December 1987"

A1        Instinct Of Survival
A2        Point Of No Return
A3        Prison Without Walls
A4        M.A.D.
A5        Scum
A6        Deceiver
A7        Lucid Fairytale
A8        Dead
A9        Moral Crusade
A10        The Kill
A11        Damaging Noise
A12        Obstinate Direction
B1        Common Enemy
B2        Success?
B3        In Extremis
B4        Control
B5        Stigmatized
B6        Life?
B7        Parasites
B8        Dead
B9        Negative Approach
B10        Blind To The Truth
B11        Divine Death
B12        Pseudo Youth
B13        You Suffer
B14        You Suffer
B15        Deceiver

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