LIVIDITY -12" 2LP- The Cumplete Demography 1994-2005 (white/black marbled)

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Genre: Sick Death Grind

There are 35 very rare pearls from LIVIDITY, such as the ultra rare promo tape
from 1994 as one man project, the split with MORGUE FETUS from 1995,
the unreleased Ritual of Mortal Impalement sessions from 1995,
tracks from several split EPs, some rare live stuff recorded in different countries,
an awesome Pussy Lover live edition from the Illinois Metalfest 2004 featuring
Shaun LaCanne of PUTRID PILE on vocals, rehearsals for Used,
Abused and Left for Dead and an unknown studio track from 2003!!!!
Of course you get a sick artwork, done by all LIVIDITY's artists, furthermore
the record contains liner notes from Dave Kibler plus lots of rare and
seldom photos, LIVIDITY flyers, tickets and posters.

Limited edition of 100 copies white/black marbled. Gatefold cover and labels have a gold print!

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