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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

The body is just a vessel, a refuge for the inner cosmos. Anger, love, hate, good are all individually for each person, that is our space, and when space overflows the body and starts to break out, the person either comes to self-destruction, or reaches new heights. This is the story of the fourth full-length album "Cosmos" of the Russian atmospheric black metal project Taiga. The album is reduced in a slightly new sound, keys are added, and the vocals are close to the first albums. Therefore, all fans of atmospheric music strictly to listening. For fans of: Woods of Desolation - Official, Midnight Odyssey, Lustre, ColdWorld (Official), Austere, Aeon Winds, Thy Light, Kalmankantaja, My Useless Life, Elderwind. Artwork by Paint-It-Black Design.

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