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EASTFRISIAN TERROR -CD- EastfrisiaApokalypse

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Genre: Death Metal / Death-Grind

Eastfrisian Terror is a Death-Grind band from Emden, Germany and was founded in November 2012. The lineup consists of experienced musicians who formerly played for several years in other bands. From all influences and experiences they build their style and sound for Eastfrisian Terror: Death-Grind with old-school riffing, blastbeats, groovy doom-parts, squealing overtones and grunts/frognoises/pigsqueals that force your ears starting to bleed. Therefore they use elements which were suitable in the past and enrich them with more and more fresh ideas to create an unique sound that shall allow anyone to recognize them.

The Band about:
We should explain that we are using titles and lyrics in our home dialect. The songs „Eala Frya Fresena“ and „Lever Dood As Slaav“ are typical for our eastfrisian freedom and unique history. But we want to make pretty clear that we aren't nationalistic orientated persons - the reasons for our topics are that we don't want to be like most of the nowadays Grindbands with lyrics about killing and torturing, which is typical for that genre. Our first full-length-CD called „EastfrisiApokalypse“ shows our development as musicians and songwriters. Again we unbag the cudgel to unleash an acoustical storm of hell but nevertheless we also present first catchy guitar soli and lead parts which are really able to stay in your ears. We combine all these trademarks together with some intros as a good start up for the songs.So give your ears a trial to listen to Eastfrisian Terror!

Tracking List:

1.    Intro 1:11
2.    Klaas Ohm 3:33
3.    Lapskaus 4:00
4.    De Quade Foelke 3:13
5.    EastfrisiApokalypse 3:31
6.    De slagt van Jemgum 4:27
7.    Mähdrescher Blus 1:42
8.    Döspaddel 3:32
9.    Vleeslül 3:43
10.  Lever dood as slav 3:36
11.   Eastfrisian Terror 2:3
12.   Eala Freya Fresena 4:23

running time: 39:30


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