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MONOLITH CD "Mountain"
Release Date: 18.03.2016
Mixed and mastered by Enno Legien
Artwork by Rocket & Wink

1. Mountain
2. Vultures
3. Standing Tall
4. High Horse
5. Moonshine Medication
6. Lies & Deceit
7. Tide
8. Blackbird




BLOOD - "Christbait" 12" Vinyl
+ Info/Lyric Sheet
+ Download Code

- 100 Vinyl in Red (black marbled)
- 100 Vinyl in Red (transparent)
- 100 Vinyl in Blue (transparent, white marbled)
- 200 Vinyl in Black


ISLAY - CD / LP - The Angels' Share
available now on CD / Vinyl, a new german Death Metal Machine


(Red Vinyl limited to 100 + 400 on black)

2x oldschool Death Metal from Holland and Germany, brandnew, unreleased tracks from both bands!


CARNATION -MCD- Cemetery of the Insane

Genre: Death Metal

Carnation equals blistering death metal madness from Belgium. This foul quintet, consisting of several veterans
from the Belgian scene, spawned their creation in May 2013. Incorporating influences from both the old Swedish
and American bands, Carnation is a true testament to everything embodying the pure death metal spirit.

1. Explosive Cadavers 03:36
2. Cemetery of the Insane 04:12
3. The Rituals of Flesh 04:40
4. Delusions of Power 03:29
5. The Great Deceiver 03:42


ABSCESSION -CD / LP - Grave Offerings

Genre: Swedish Death Metal

Swedish death metal act Abscession unleash their long awaited album "Grave Offerings". The previous demo tape, "Death Incarnate" quickly sold out and garnered much praise. "Grave Offerings" includes ten tracks of pure swedeath mayhem, no compromise!
Mastered by Dan Swanö . Available on CD and vinyl in february 2015.

Cover Artist: Mattias Frisk
Mastering: Dan Swanö
Label: Final Gate Records
Labelcode: FGR 012 (CD) FGR 013 (Vinyl)
Releasedate: CD 01.Februar 2015 / Vinyl LP: end Februar 2015


GRAVEYARD GHOUL / CRYPTIC BROOD -split CD / LP - "The Graveyard Brood"

2 times filthy, rotten oldschool Death Metal!!!
Graveyard Ghoul
is back with 3 new tacks of oldschool Horror Death Metal to shorten the time until next full album!
Cryptic Brood also comes with 3 new tracks, after their great, successful, sold-out demo-tape in 2013
Artwork by Mark Riddick

Tracking List:
01. Graveyard Ghoul - Distasteful Hunger
02. Graveyard Ghoul - Castle Freak
03. Graveyard Ghoul - Unconscious Void
04. Cryptic Brood - Rancid Sorcery
05. Cryptic Brood - Basement Funeral
06. Cryptic Brood - Infected With Death


MONOLITH -CD / VINYL- "Dystopia"

Origin: Bremen/Germany.
Genre: classic Doom-Rock/Psychedelic/Stoner

"DYSTOPIA" Album Tracklist:
1. Won't Come Down
2. Cosmic Fairy
3. Hole
4. Dystopia
5. Acid Rain
6. Sleepless Eyes
7. Rainbow



CHAPEL (Ca) "Hellrazors" T-Shirts

exklusive von Final Gate Records


GRAVEYARD GHOUL -CD / LP - "The Living Cemetery"

Genre: Death Metal in the Old Vein...!

The 2nd full album of GRAVEYARD GHOUL  called "The Living Cemetery". 10 brand new songs of real old school Death Metal, on this new record their song writing is much more complex than on the debut album, but be sure they'll keep their old charm of nihilistic and horror-stricken 90s worshipping Death Metal. The Sound is still rancid like you love it from the debut. For total music enjoying don't use high end equipment, this music was created for old school standard stereo equipment. Throw your subwoofers away and enter the "Living Cemetery". Graveyard Ghoul is influenced by bands like: Autopsy, (early) Death, Nihilist, Slaughter Lord, Merciless, Repulsion, Carnage, Cancer, Morbid Saint, Morbus Chron and Repuked to name a few...

01 Lunatic Possession 6:21
02 Living Cemetery 1:46
03 Vomit To The Grave 1:14
04 Scraping From A Coffin 3:23
05 Who Goes There 3:06
06 Putrid Stench Of Death 4:08
07 Secrecy Of Dying Flesh 3:28
08 Rotten Gore Excrements Whore 0:38
09 Sentenced To The Knife 2:24
10 Funeral Priest 4:37
Total Running Time: 31:05



Genre:  old school Death Metal
Reckless Manslaughter perform brutal and raw Old School Death Metal, featuring
modern sounds, which is distinctly influenced by Suffocation, Morbid Angel and
Asphyx. Alternating brute blasts and crushing mosh- and doomparts provide a
maximum of variety. Recommanded if you like: Gorgasm, Asphyx, Monstrosity, Dying Fetus

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